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2008 GPV 6 x 6 Marshall

Have what no neighbor has. The GPV is not a “tank” or an “urban assault vehicle” but a new type of vehicle not seen before.
Maintenance made easy, built using commercial truck components. serviced in any truck or bus garage by the same mechanics that
work on trucks or buses.
• high hard steel provides advanced ballistic and blast protection. Offers advanced protection and safety to its occupants from
armed threats, fire, explosives, extreme weather conditions and violent confrontations. The NBC over pressure system also allows for
occupant protection in a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) situation, chemical spill, or hazardous materials scenario not found in
any other vehicle specifically designed for first responder use.
• carries 150+ gallons of fuel allowing it to operate for long periods in the event there is a massive power outage or major
emergency and no fuel may be obtained.

•“all wheel steer” and advanced suspension enabling the vehicle to maneuver in narrow
streets and narrow alleys allowing it to go places even a HMMWV can’t go.

•Engine Caterpillar C9 Inline 6 Diesel – 298 kW (400 hp) @ 2,400 rpm – 1,491 N

•m Torque @ 1,400 rpm – 1,100 lb.-ft. Torque @ 1,400 rpm

• Max speed Road 104.6 km (65 mph) • Water 5.6 km (3.5 mph)

• Transmission ZF 7-Speed Automatic – Electronically Controlled – 7 Forward and 1 Reverse Gear

• Brakes Service – Air/Hydraulic w/ ABS at Each Wheel Integral to Driveline, Spring Activated, Parking Hydraulically Released

• Turning Radius 8.0 m (26 ft. 2 in.)

• Vision Equipment Multiple Thermal & Optical Cameras

• Hydraulic Winch 133 kN (30,000 lbs.) 266 kN (60,000 lbs.) w/Snatchblock

• Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) – 15.4 kW/h – 20.6 hp, Diesel

• NBC System Over-Pressure System • Central Tire Inflation (CTI) 2 Channel, Multi-Pressure

• Heating System 11 kW/h (37,600 btu/h)

• Air Conditioning System 16.7 kW/h (57,000 btu/h)

• Weight Curb Weight 17,100 kg (37,700 lbs.)*

• Gross Vehicle Weight 21,772 kg (47,999 lbs.