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VIP Travel in Luxury and Safety

June 13, 2019
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VIP's Travel in Luxury and Safety


While the traveling continues there is a growing need and want for them to be able to travel in both luxury and safety. While The Armored Group have noticed this need for the luxury to be combined with the safety features of an armored car, we have made sure to offer several luxury options to make sure that any of our VIP clients are able to travel in the luxury they want without worrying if they are protected to the fullest extent.



With these sophisticated and stylish vehicles in our armored Bentley Flying Spurs Series you will be able to feel indestructible while maintaining the height of luxury that the Bentley brand is known for. These cars are an excellent pick for VIP clients looking for luxury armored cars. Its interior boasts unrivaled luxury and craftsmanship, with a smart infotainment system, rear seat entertainment, premium audio system, wood veneer waist rails, and incredibly lush seats. The exterior design grabs attention with large jewel headlamps, fender wing vents, an upright chrome grill, and a ton of small, exquisite details. This is one armored car you will want to keep for years to come.

Customizable armor, allowing you to create the protection of this vehicle according to your exact protection needs. Including standard features that come with each of our armored vehicles: internal armored firewalls, rifle-rated roof protection, run-flat tire inserts, and bullet-resistant glass. Our capabilities and proven manufacturing methods give us an edge over our competition, and can make all the difference in hostile environments. These luxury vehicles are ideal for executives, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, and private individuals.



Made popular by Hollywood elites, the armored Cadillac Escalade is a perfect choice for a VIP looking for classic luxury with a slightly larger vehicle. Offering gorgeous exterior styling that grabs the right kind of attention as you drive down urban and rural streets, while keeping the armoring discrete, blending in smoothly with the chassis. This is the perfect choice for moving your VIP and their team around to wherever they need to go.

The design team at The Armored Group makes true the fact that maximum protection does not have to compromise comfort and luxury. The Cadillac Escalade/ESV is the epitome of a vehicle that does both. This bullet-resistant luxury SUV is highly sought after thanks to its inspiring level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. With everything you could want in a luxury armored SUV, from its semi-aniline leather upholstery and interior wood trim to its climate-controlled seats. It has central locking, navigation system, power-assisted steering, automatic air conditioning, and all-wheel drive. As well as a remarkably elegant interior, with cut-and-sewn hand stitching and design touches completed by hand, is fit for a king.

Armored Audi Q7

This vehicle is a luxury crossover SUV that is versatile, spacious, and packed with innovative technologies for optimal comfort. With Audi’s legendary, best-in-class Quattro all-wheel drive and electronic stability program (ESP), this vehicle is a top pick for diplomats, politicians and executives worldwide. Providing a great option for any of our VIP customers with exceptional comfort and style while still offering first-rate protection from gunfire and small blasts.

Enjoy an ergonomic space with everything you need for comfort right at your fingertips. With the next-generation virtual cockpit display, as well as a gear selector that provides a fixed point for multimedia interface (MMI) control, this lends improved MMI display placement. All technical components of this vehicle work seamlessly together to give the driver and passengers an outstanding experience. It even provides a panoramic sunroof with high-tech tilt and sliding features to give a beautiful, unobstructed view to every passenger. The Audi Q7’s nimble handling, powerful supercharged engine, and advanced driver assistance technologies, combined with The Armored Group’s masterful armoring, produces one of the safest and most comfortable armored personnel carriers on the market. This vehicle has more than a touch of opulence that is ideal for anyone looking for a top of the line luxury armored car to support their VIP needs.

As luxury armored cars become more of a popular request for VIPS with all different kinds of needs and support systems, any of these amazing choices could be the solution for you. All that is left to do is take a look at the specifics to determine which luxury armored car is the right one for your needs, and The Armored Group can provide you with the perfect solution.