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How Armored RDVs Can Benefit Your Local Police Department

April 17, 2014
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shutterstock_157997129 It is a weekday night, and you are immersed in your favorite crime investigation TV show. You have followed the current storyline obsessively since the new season premiered, and your friends can quiz you on the different characters as well as obscure facts about the show. Well, we want to challenge you. How observant are you in relation to the undercover operation scenes in these types of TV shows? Have you noticed that police and SWAT teams typically use the same vehicles during a surveillance operation? Did you know: stakeout operations exist for gathering intelligence in drug buys, hostage negotiations, uncovering human or sex trafficking rings, as well as high profile criminal activities?

Think of some of the different types of vehicles most commonly used in these operations. Do you recognize oversized sedans or unmarked vans in day-to-day life? Police and SWAT teams nationwide use a wide variety of mainstream vehicles to carry out sting operations. For all you know, the vehicle at the end of your street could be occupied by an undercover cop!

RDV2Armored vehicle companies like us have the ability to provide vehicles of nearly every make and model, but some of the most common that police departments and SWAT units utilize are rapid deployment vehicles, otherwise known as RDVs. These types of vehicles look like delivery trucks. Because these trucks are initially an empty shell, our company can work with each individual department's personalized needs. If they want the vehicle to serve multiple purposes, we can install standard bench seating with storage options for the different components needed, as well as multipurpose tables. Ample lighting, comfortable, removable seating, electrical outlets and multiple exits are all highly important for the individuals housed within the vehicle. Did you know: undercover personnel using RDVs can use interchangeable magnetic signs to mimic different utility companies, so that they can remain "under the radar?"

Storage is vital to police specialty vehicles, seeing as police officers require a vast array of different items for any given operation. Some of the most common items include bulletproof vests, ammunition, artillery, undercover clothing and special items for mimicked trades, such as narcotics used in drugs busts.

Armored Group Ford E-350Since crime never stops, we prepare our RDVs for every type of terrain and extreme weather condition. The tires have to be able to perform for every worst-case scenario imaginable. Another option to take into consideration is gas versus diesel engines. While gas can be less expensive and provide a quieter ride, diesel engines are best suited for situations that call for extra torque. RDV interiors can also be insulated to provide maximum heating and cooling benefits for its occupants. Did you know: stakeouts can last for hours, days and even weeks? Therefore, comfort and ease of movement are both extremely important factors.

Before you consider carrying out your next sting operation in a conventional unmarked police vehicle, we urge you to explore the potential benefits that RDVs can offer your department.

The Armored Group, LLC (TAG) has unparalleled dedication to protecting individuals with our top-of-the-line vehicles. Our specialized vehicle associates can educate you on what TAG can offer, so please visit our website today to view our large selection of armored vehicles!