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A mine protected variant of our innovative BATT APC, this urban and off-road platform adds blast protection into its V-shaped underbody and heavily protected crew seating to its compartment. With a blast protection of up to STANAG 4569 Level II a and b, the BATT UMG incorporates high blast protection in the small APC sized class.  A custom in-house axle design allows for an extra 6,000 lbs of payload capacity which means our BATT can handle the weight of the added armoring requirement.

The BATT UMG is mission ready and is regularly equipped with military-grade surveillance and communications systems. Supporting a wide array of mission types, the BATT UMG is commonly found supporting in the following industries: special forces, law enforcement, homeland security, border patrol and other armed conflicts. The BATT UMG can also be equipped to fulfill the following roles: troop transport, command and control center, VIP transport and as an armored medical center.

The BATT UMG is built on a commercially available civilian platform which is then militarized to TAG’s highest standards for survivability in conflict zones.  The Ford-based chassis gives the BATT UMG access one of the largest OEM international parts distribution networks in the world making the BATT repairable in the most remote regions of the planet.

The BATT UMG shares the same benefits of our BATT-X APC with its completely accessible engine bay and power pack which can be completely removed and replaced within 10 hours.  TAG utilizes its 140,000 sq ft technology center conveniently located in Detroit Motor City to liaise with major OEM automotive manufacturers to ensure all modifications and upfits adhere to their strict guidelines set forth in their own manufacturing processes.  This has allowed TAG the opportunity to work directly with Ford to complete a full RHD steering conversion utilizing Ford OEM parts for the 75 countries who need it.

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Overall Length, mm 6015
Overall Width, mm 2317
Overall Height, mm 2418
Wheelbase, mm 3322
Track Width, mm 1982
Ground Clearance, mm 356
Body layout Body on frame
Seating layout 2+6 or 2+8
Doors 3
Roof turret with hatch Yes
Curb weight, kg 10100
Payload, kg 1600
Combat weight, kg 11700
Engine make Ford
Engine model Power Stroke
Engine type Turbo charged diesel V8
Displacement, l 6.7
Maximum Power, hp 330
Maximum Torque, Nm 1017
Fuel type diesel
Power to Weight Ratio at combat weight, hp/ton 28.2
Transmission automatic 6-speed
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 257
Driveline selectable 4×4
Axle and suspension FR Rigid CTIS-ready axle with coil springs and hydraulic dampers absorbers
Axle and suspension RR Rigid CTIS-ready axle with leaf springs and hydraulic dampers absorbers
Transfer case 2 speed
Run flat inserts Yes
Brakes FR Hydraulic, Ventilated disc
Brakes RR Hydarulic, Ventilated disc
Top Speed, km/h 100
Turning Circle, m 14.6
Grade ability 60%
Static Side Slope 30%
Vertical Step, mm 610
Fording, mm 900
Ballistic protection STANAG 2
Mine Protection STANAG 2a/2b
Ballistic Protection STANAG 1
Mine Protection STANAG 1
Voltage 12V
Batteries 2: starting and service
Alternator 257A
Auxiliary sockets 12V Yes
120 / 220V AC external power input Optional
NATO slave starting system Yes
Battery monitor Yes
1)      Electric winch Standard, 12000 lbs
2)      CBRN overpressure system Optional
3)      Public address system Standard
4)      Intercom Optional
5)      Fire suppression system Optional
6)      Auxiliary service battery with smart isolator switch and battery monitor Standard
7)      Interior weapon mounts Optional
8)      VHF/UHF communication system Optional
9)      MF/HF communication system Optional
10)  GPS Optional
11)  DVR Optional
12)  GSM based live video monitoring system Optional
13)  Smoke grenade launchers Optional
14)  Multiple launch system for smoke grenades Optional
15)  Remote controlled weapon station Optional
16)  Gunshot detection system Optional
17)  Remote controlled search lights Optional
18)  Forward looking thermal camera Optional
19)  Reverse day/night camera Standard
20)  Perimeter day/night cameras Optional
21)  Outboard telescopic mast (pneumatically or electrically operated) Optional
22)  IR driving and convoy lights Optional