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2018 Ford Transit 250 CIT

Armored Ford Transit 250

Used cash-in-transit vehicle with lock cylinders on all exterior doors

2018 Ford Transit 250 CIT Low Roof  Cargo Van

148″ Wheel Base, 60/40 Side Cargo Doors  New TAG-B4 Armor

  • Exterior: White
  • Interior: Grey
  • Drive wheels: RWD
  • Engine: V6 petrol engine
  • Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed
  • w/ approx 28,000 miles

Body Style: Armored CIT van
Protection Level: B4 or NIJ 3A (.44 Magnum)
Glass Protection: B4 or NIJ 3A (.44 Magnum)

Standard Security Features and Accessories:

  • All vehicle OEM manuals/written information provided by the manufacturer is included.
  • B4 Armor (firewall and floor not armored).
  • (2) Piece ballistic flat glass in modular frame behind OEM curved front windshield – Included.
  • Full carpet upholstery in driver’s compartment – Included.
  • Armored roof – Included.
  • (3) Electrical, driver operated, push button or manual, powered locks on: passenger door curbside cargo door
    and rear cargo door – Included.
  • (4) High Security Lock Cylinders on all exterior doors with 2×2 key arrangement – Included.
  • Bulkhead door with (1) ballistic glass, talk screen, and manual lock/key – Included.
  • (8) Heavy Duty grab handles on driver/passenger doors at door overlaps, and messenger compartment door
    openings for easy ingress/digress – Included.
  • (2) Exterior spotter mirrors at curb side and rear cargo/messenger doors – Included.
  • (1) Fire extinguisher – mounted in the driver’s compartment – Included.
  • (1) First aid kit – mounted in the driver’s compartment – Included.
  • (3) Switched dome lights: (2) in cargo compartment, (1) in driver’s compartment – Included.
  • (2) ATM Cassette shelving in liability compartment floor over wheel wells – Included.

Vehicle Layout Beyond Standard TAG Configuration: 

  • Ballistic messenger view glass at street side messenger compartment.
  • Armored OEM side 60/40 and rear 50/50 doors.