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2017 Dodge Ram 5500

2017 DODGE Ram 5500 

B4 CIT Armor, approx. 56,500 miles.
• Exterior: White
• Interior: Grey
• Drive wheels: RWD
• Engine: V8 petrol
• Transmission: Auto

Body Style: Armored CIT cab and chassis truck
Protection Level: B4 or NIJ 3A (.44 Magnum) or less
Glass Protection: B4 or NIJ 3A (.44 Magnum) or less

Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Turbo Diesel with VIP interior in VR7.

The base vehicle is a Land Cruiser LC200 VX European Specs.

  • Millage: 959 Kilometer/ 596 miles
  • Outside: Black
  • Inside: The seats are modified with Red Aston Martin Leather and beige Alcantara selling
  • 2x heavy duty electric window lifters on the driver and passenger door
  • Intercom with panic alarm
  • No extra armored door in the back (The armoring is integrated in the OEM door)
  • Emergency exit true the luggage compartment OEM doors (If the doors on the side are blocked)
  • Heavy Duty Rims
  • Heavy Duty German Suspension
  • High quality non step glass with no distortion
  • Protection level VR7
  • 15Kg TNT side blast protection
  • 2x HG 85 Hand Granate floor protection
  • 2x HG 85 Hand Granate roof protection
  • 2x DM 51 Granate floor protection

Very discrete armoring design.

The vehicle was armored in 2016