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The Armored Group and Paramount Group Announce Strategic Alliance to Promote Complete Portfolio of Armored Vehicles

September 28, 2016
Home » Newsroom » The Armored Group and Paramount Group Announce Strategic Alliance to Promote Complete Portfolio of Armored Vehicles

The Armored Group (TAG) today announced a strategic alliance with the Paramount Group to promote a complete portfolio of armored vehicles for military, civilian, commercial and law enforcement purposes for markets around the world. This strategic alliance combines the best defense and security technologies and was announced at the African Aerospace and Defense Expo (AAD2016) at Waterkloof Air Force Base in South Africa.

TAG is a leading International builder of armored personnel carriers (APC), SWAT tactical vehicles, personal protection vehicles and cash-in transit vehicles for governments, military, law enforcement and commercial clients. TAG also offers the up-armoring of Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Hiluxs, and other commercial specialty vehicles that are in high demand across the African continent for government and law enforcement. Paramount Group, Africa’s largest privately-owned defense and aerospace company, produces highly advanced, mine-protected infantry combat vehicles(ICVs) for military globally. Incorporating the engineering “lessons-learned” into vehicle and soldier survivability for asymmetrical conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, their line of vehicles is amongst the most advanced in the world.

“This strategic alliance represents each company’s ambition to provide our clients with the most complete armored vehicle portfolio possible—ranging from civilian, to law enforcement, to military solutions. TAG’s highly respected products and capabilities are a natural enhancement to our offerings, and we can jointly promote a comprehensive, world-class portfolio to our clients,” said Ivor Ichikowitz, Founder and Executive Chairman of Paramount Group. “Likewise, our relationship with TAG, which has an excellent, long-standing track record in North and South America, will allow us to better market our products into those regions.

Robert Pazderka, President of The Armored Group, said, “Our customers trust us to provide the best armored vehicle solutions and through this strategic alliance we will offer the most comprehensive range of vehicles on the market. Our armoring of commercial vehicles offers the finest ballistic protection in its class available today, and by collaborating with Paramount Group, we can promote an unrivalled offering of vehicles across the commercial, defense and security industries.”

TAG’s clients include the U.S. Army and the U.S government, multinational companies including BAE, G4S, and Exxon Mobile, as well as foreign governments. All the vehicles they manufacture meet or exceed U.S. Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards (FMVSS), and they have extensive production facilities in Canada, Dubai, India, Egypt and Detroit. TAG’s American client and manufacturing base also provides Paramount with further access to the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. In turn, Paramount Group offers TAG access to its significant and well-established markets in Africa the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe. This alliance to target selected markets together will offer the respective companies’ clients an end-to-end solution for civilian, law enforcement and military armored vehicles.