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New Zealand Armored Vehicles

Who We Are: The Armored Group

For almost 30 years, we at The Armored Group (TAG) have engineered, designed, manufactured, and created first-class armored vehicles for several countries including New Zealand. We make top-quality armored vehicles used by military agencies, private businesses, law enforcement, governments, and citizens around the world. We make vehicles that protect passengers, secure valuables, and save lives.

Why The Armored Group Is a Top Tier Company

We have been in the armored vehicle industry since 1992. Since our inception, we have accumulated skills and expertise that make us the best in the business. We began with cash-in-transit vehicles to transport cash and valuables, but now also specialize in armored personnel carriers, military vehicles, and personal protection vehicles.

All of our armored vehicles undergo extensive testing to ensure reliability. We offer both ballistic and blast protection. Additionally, we perform continuous research and development to enhance our vehicles and provide maximum protection.

Why You Need Us

When it comes to security, VIPs risk exposure when traveling by car. To guard against live ammunition and ballistic hazards, you need the right kind of armor. Although many armored vehicles look like one another, it is the unseen qualities that truly matter.

At The Armored Group, we test each vehicle we make. This gives you peace of mind when traveling by yourself, with other passengers, or carrying valuables from one location to another. With a certified, experienced, and talented workforce, we use state-of-the-art engineering to create cash-in-transit armored vehicles that provide unmatched safety and protection for anyone and anything.

How We Can Help You

Whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, we can make a fully customized armored vehicle that suits your needs. From high-speed braking and reinforced components to blast and bullet protection, we design our vehicles to give you peace of mind and safety from danger. We have been in this industry for almost 30 years and stay competitive on an international level, whether it is for delivery time, price, or quality.

The rigid testing and strict quality control our vehicles go through to test for imperfections and weak points are second-to-none. If you have a unique armored vehicle design in mind, we can make it a reality.

Features & Benefits of Our Armored Vehicles

  • State of the art engineering - We have an R&D program that ensures our armored vehicles are on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Spare parts in stock - Should your vehicle ever need replacement parts, we’ve got you covered.
  • Run-flat tires - Run-flat tires ensure your car functions properly even if the tires blow out.
  • Roof protection - Threats from above are accounted for with roof protection.
  • Bulletproof glass - The glass on our vehicles is extensively tested to prevent bullets from penetrating.
  • Blast protection - Blast protection keeps both people and valuables inside the vehicle safe from explosives such as IEDs.
  • Door overlap protection - This protects against infiltration attempts and gives an added layer of security.
  • Satellite phones - Satellite phones provided by us are not only highly difficult to compromise, but also prevent communication dead zones.
  • GPS - GPS allows for fleet tracking and improves awareness and security.

Our Experience & Expertise

At The Armored Group, we make first-class armored vehicles for any terrain or environment to keep people safe. From cash in transit to SWAT and personal passenger protection, we design a customized vehicle to perfectly suit you. We are always innovating, as we have an active R&D program that is continually ongoing. From the US and the UK to Europe and New Zealand, we are an international company that provides armored cars, trucks, and vehicles to people, businesses, agencies, and organizations around the world. When you invest in our armored vehicles, you can travel knowing you are safe and protected.

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