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What’s the Difference Between an Armored Vehicle and a Regular Car?

March 11, 2019
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What looks like an average vehicle on the road may actually be concealing some of the most impressive defense measures of today’s technology. Durable enough to withstand attacks and agile enough to evade danger, armored cars are depended on by important and influential people every day to get safely to their destination. So, what makes an armored vehicle so sturdy and desirable?

Drive Through Anything

Armored cars need to be able to escape danger at any moment, in any environment. So whether the roads are slick and narrow, or temperatures on the tarmac soar to extremes, the car must be prepared to drive through even the toughest terrain.

Beneath the car, run-flat tires are installed which allow the car to be driven safely after a blowout. The brake and suspension systems are enhanced for optimal control, which can mean an important difference during a high-speed situation. Some armored cars even come with floor blast protections in place, which protect the inside from roadside explosions.

Ballistic Technology

In order to protect passengers in the event of a car crash, the windshield of the average car is made with shatterproof glass. This glass is made by repeatedly heating a vinyl sheet between two layers of glass to bond them together. The vinyl layer serves to absorb energy and prevent the glass from breaking off into small pieces. Ballistic glass used on armored vehicles is made in a similar, but significantly different way.

In order to spread to force of an oncoming bullet, the top layer of ballistic glass is made of a thin, fragile sheet of glass. This thin layer absorbs the high energy of an oncoming bullet, spreading the force of impact across the surface of the window through cracks and fractures. Underneath lays a thick polycarbonate layer that is strong enough to stop the bullet from penetrating through to the inside cabin.

Why An Armored Vehicle?

Technology has made it easier than ever for terrorist and extremist groups to communicate. Even relatively petty thieves take advantage of encrypted communication methods that allow them to plot crime undetected.

As the world becomes increasingly dangerous, and crimes more unpredictable, people have naturally grown concerned about their safety on the road.

Fortunately, technology has also made it easier to armor a vehicle with minimal differences in appearance to a typical car. Unlike in the past, the use of military-grade technology caused armored vehicles to look more like military vehicles, thus making them stand out on the road as a target.

Nowadays, armored vehicles offer a safe way to travel due to their sturdy construction and their ability to blend with traffic. Every vehical

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