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Armored Land Cruiser

Armored Toyota Land Cruisers are just one example of the many great armored SUVs for sale at The Armored Group. These vehicles are great for transporting passengers and products across dangerous territory. You’ll never run out of bullet-resistant options here, and we will create a secure vehicle with a keen eye to your specific security needs as well as your budget.

The Armored Group is where discerning customers go to find the very best in armored SUVs for sale or lease. SUV options include the armored Toyota Land Cruisers, and our overall fleet of vehicles also offers a wealth of sedans, trucks, vans, and tactical vehicles.

Let us custom design your armored security vehicle. We are passionate about incorporating the very latest technological and engineering advancements into our designs. You will be amazed at the sheer number of choices of vehicles at The Armored Group that can be custom designed to suit your specific security needs.

SUVs are among the most popular of all the armored vehicles we sell, but they are far from all we carry. All makes and models from the leading names in the automotive industry are represented in our fleet, and are waiting to become the finest security vehicles you have ever driven in. No matter what your need, we offer private vehicle protection as well as SWAT trucks, SWAT vans and BATT Patrol vehicles for tactical operations. Learn more about The Armored Group today.

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