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Armored Buses

The Armored Group has added armored buses to the largest inventory of bullet-resistant vehicles in the industry. Each bus is reinforced to your exact specifications following a personal consultation, and our armored bus inventory includes shuttle buses, government buses, Coaster buses, tour buses, Sprinters and more. We offer both new and used armored buses at competitive pricing, and also provide vehicles to clients around the world. Furthermore, we take very seriously our responsibility to meet the security needs of those who put their trust in us.

Our vehicle designers are continually looking for new ways to increase and improve the security level of our bulletproof vehicles. Those interested in armored buses can choose from options that include:

  • Armored Ford buses including the E450, F550 and F650 models
  • Armored Toyota buses including the Toyota Hiace
  • Armored GM buses
  • Coaster buses
  • Sprinter buses

Each and every one of our vehicles benefits from the very latest advances in technology and engineering, and the results speak for themselves.

Our new and used bullet-resistant buses are used by both private clients and governments around the globe. Each bus is custom-armored to address your specific needs and built to perform when the stakes are high. Durability is a hallmark of our armored shuttle buses and government buses, and our ability to create consistently excellent vehicles is what has earned The Armored Group a stellar reputation in our industry.

We can ship our secure vehicles to any location in the world, and we will make sure you receive your vehicle in a timely fashion no matter your location. We look forward to introducing you to the many bus options available to you, and to providing you with an armored vehicle that provides unmatched security and performance.