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Testimonial from Sgt. Damon Whisman from the Topeka Police Department Response Team

Topeka Police Department

Sgt. Damon Whisman
Topeka Police Department
Response Team
320 S. Kansas
Topeka, Kansas 66603

October 12, 2009

Mr. Jeremy Johnson
Director of International Operations
The Armored Group
5221 N. Saddlerock Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Re: RDV and BATT

Mr. Johnson:

In April of 2009 the Topeka Police Department took delivery of a Rapid Deployment Vehicle (R.D.V.) and a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (B.A.T.T.). Since taking delivery we have had the opportunity to utilize both of the vehicles numerous times. We have served approximately 30 warrants utilizing the RDV and have used it as a secondary command post on several other incidents. The RDV has provided us an excellent platform to transport our officers to the location of the search warrant. It has plenty of room for our entire team (16 officers) and the under seat storage provides ample room for our equipment. The dry erase surface allows us to write the address down and mark which door we are going to use to deploy. The large side doors on both sides as well as the large rear double doors provide flexible deployment options. The removable table along with the wall mounted video display provides us with the option to use the RDV as a secondary command post.

Topeka BATT

We have utilized the BATT on six barricaded subject calls with the most recent one being a hostage situation. The hostages were able to escape the house and we utilized the BATT to evacuate them safely from the area back to the command post. The BATT has provided our team with a level of safety/protection that we have not had before. We now have a much safer way to deploy resources at a situation. The BATT has also allowed us quickly resolve some situations. On 08 22 2009 we were called out to a residence where a suspected car jacker was taking refuge and refusing to come out. Within a minute of pulling the BATT into the front yard approximately 30 feet from the open front door, he came out and surrendered without incident.

I cannot say enough positive things about both the RDV and BATT. Also, working with you and your company throughout the process was enjoyable. You took the time to listen to our needs and suggestions and incorporated them into our vehicles. It was nice to work with a manufacturer that listens to the client and manufactures a product to their specifications. It is also beneficial that you are continually trying to improve the product by asking how you can make it better.

If you have any agencies that are interested in purchasing an RDV or BATT and wish to speak with someone from an agency that owns these vehicles, feel free to give them my contact information.

Best regards,

Sgt. Damon Whisman
Topeka Police Department Response Team