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Find the most reliable security vehicle from the armored car company that really cares about your safety. The Armored Group is ready to serve you. Riding in an armor car can take your worries away. You can buy or lease a new armored car or even an armored car used. Check out our armored car sale.

With the option to buy or lease any armored car, this armored car company makes it possible to get you into the safest car there is. There is never a job or trip safe enough without a security vehicle.

With over 25 years experience building bulletproof bodies, we make sure every security vehicle has the proper, up-to-date armor car equipment. We use steel, aluminum, and galvanneal construction and our security vehicles are compliant with the varying levels of ballistic requirements of the standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), as well as the European standards. Having a new or used armored car is guaranteed to protect. Your armored car will never let you down and neither will we. You can depend on the armored car sale from this armored car company, that's for sure. Trust us with all your armored transport needs.

For more details on our armored cars, trucks, and other armored transport vehicles, call the Armored Group today.

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