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The Armored Group is the most respected armored car company in the industry. We truly care about your safety, and offer the most reliable security vehicles in order to assure it. We offer a number of new and used armored cars for sale, and will customize your vehicle in a way that speaks to your very specific security needs. Our clients depend on armored transport to offer security in some of the world's most volatile hotspots, and we are committed to their protection via the creation of state-of-the-art bulletproof vehicles.

  • You have the option to buy or lease any of our armored cars
  • We offer sedans, trucks, vans SUVs and more from the leading names in the automotive industry
  • Advanced ballistics protection
  • We have manufactured bullet-resistant security vehicles since 

The world can be a dangerous place, and our clients are carrying out their business in potentially dangerous places the world over. The Armored Group is their bulletproof car company of choice because we have a proven track record of excellence in an industry that demands it.

With over 25 years’ experience building bulletproof bodies, we make sure every security vehicle has the proper, up-to-date reinforced and bullet-resistant equipment to ensure maximum safety. We use steel, aluminum, and galvanneal construction, and our security vehicles are compliant with the varying levels of ballistic requirements of the standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), as well as European standards. Your bulletproof car will never let you down and neither will we. We hope you will learn more about the many wonderful armored cars for sale or lease at The Armored Group.

For more details on our armored cars, trucks, and other reinforced security transport vehicles, call (855) 824-7233 The Armored Group today.

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