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Armored Humvees, including the Hummer H1, are represented in our inventory. Bullet proof armored Hummers make fantastic military vehicles and security vehicles, and a Humvee armored car is great for transport, as is the armored Chevy Suburban.

Our line of bullet proof transport vehicles and other armored vehicles includes:

  • Humvee including the Hummer H1
  • SUV's including the armored Chevy Suburban
  • Security vehicles, military vehicles, passenger vehicles, and transport vans
  • Excursions and Jeep Cherokees

Are you in the market for a Hummer? Learn more about The Armored Group's Humvee armored models we have available today.

From the armored Hummer to the Chevy Suburban, we are proud to offer a line of bullet proof transport vehicles like none other. Our Humvee armored models include the Hummer H1 and H2. get up close and personal with an armored Humvee personalized to fit your needs and see what security on four wheels is all about.

Our armored Humvees are among the most popular models in our inventory. Be sure to check out our line of armored Hummers, including the Hummer H1 and H2. These models, along with the armored Chevy Suburban.

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