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Look to The Armored Group for the very best in armored Humvees, including such great models as the Hummer H1 and H2. Our bulletproof armored Hummers are extremely popular with our clients, and are joined in our inventory by other great transport and security vehicles including the armored Chevy Suburban, Ford Excursion and more. We have long been a go-to company for military vehicles and more, and serve clients in all corners of the world. If you are interested in a Humvee armored using the very best in technology and engineering, contact us today.

The Armored Group wants to be your resource for security vehicles of all kinds, including our very popular armored Hummers.

  • A selection or armored Hummers that includes the Hummer H1 and H2
  • SUVs such as the armored Chevy Suburban, Ford Excursion and Jeep Cherokee, to name a few
  • A variety of tactical military vehicles
  • The most advanced ballistics protection on all of our bulletproof transport vehicles

We customize each and every vehicle to reflect the needs of each client. Our team takes great pride in listening and learning. By doing so, our knowledge about your business and your security needs ascends to the level necessary for us to create optimum security in the vehicles you choose.

We are proud to offer a line of bulletproof transport vehicles that is unrivaled in our industry. Whether you choose a Hummer armored by our team of experts or another make and model of vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that the vehicle(s) you choose will be ready for any attack or attempted breach while out in the field. Choose The Armored Group, and let us show you what maximum security in a vehicle truly looks like.

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