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Our armored military vehicles are ready for the toughest of assignments.

military-vehicle military-vehicle - The Amored Group, LLC.

The Armored Group is home to the world's safest and most durable military vehicles and armored off-road vehicles. Military units need armored off-road transport they can count on, and our custom armored transportation options include bulletproof cars, Sidewinders, BATT vehicles, and more. Our bullet resistant armored military vehicles are built to your specifications like no other bulletproof vehicles in the world, taking into account the specifics of your duties and the nature of your assignments. Military personnel need vehicles they can count on, and they find them at The Armored Group.

Nobody does armored bulletproof vehicles like the professionals at The Armored Group. Ours is the most respected name in the armored transportation industry, and militaries from around the globe look to us for armored military vehicles including:

  • Sidewinder
  • BATT S
  • Armored Escort Vehicles
  • Rapid Deployment Vehicles
  • Armored off-road transport vehicles
  • And more

The vehicles your military units depend on must perform when the chips are down. Our bulletproof cars are created with a working knowledge of your needs, and meet and exceed expectations every time. There is a reason our customers are so loyal, and it's because we go the extra mile to provide the utmost safety, durability and performance. Our vehicles perform their best when the situation requires it most.

Our selection of military vehicles is comprehensive, and even more so when you consider the customization that goes into each vehicle we send out into the world. Our reputation in our industry is impeccable, and with a clientele that includes militaries form around the globe our work speaks for itself.

Discover for yourself why The Armored Group is the go to source for military vehicles the world over. We create our vehicles only after a detailed consultation with the client. Eliminate any worries related to your armored off-road transportation by choosing yours from The Armored Group. Countries we serve include:

  • Canada
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Ethiopia
  • Nigeria
  • Angola
  • Uganda
  • Mexico
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ecuador
  • Chad
  • Algeria
  • Oman