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NEW 2020 Chevrolet Suburban SWAT



B6/NIJ III Armor Level with certified ballistic steel


Floor-Blast mitigating floor to stop a minimum of 2 DM51 hand grenades set off simultaneously

Vertical Walls and Rear Bulkhead – Armored to B6/NIJ III Level with certified ballistic steel

Firewall and Roof – Roof and firewall armored to B6/NIJ III Level with certified ballistic steel

Transparent Armor – 40 mm transparent armor, door glass will be offset and partially operational in OEM track

Locks – All door locks remain OEM and retain all OEM functionality. Rear bulkhead door has slam lock.

Doors – A,B and C pillar reinforced. Door overlaps from beltline up with returns. Overlaps to be Rhino lined. TAG reinforced hinges attached to pillar reinforcement. Hinge reinforcement in door tied to door armor. Heavy duty nylon strap retainer to prevent overextension.

Interior – Rhino lined material on all interior. TAG Designed steel door panels for durability

Brakes – Brakes upgraded with heavy brake kit

Suspension – heavy duty axle change for 12,000 lbs GVW – include both axle , suspension, E rated tires and wheels

Tires – OEM tires will be replaced with  E-range tires and run-flat devices in all tires including spare

Under hood – Gel cell battery in place of OEM without armor, fuse box and ECM armor

Operable Windows –  all four windows provide 6-8″ of operability

Fuel Tank – armored

Tailpipe – protected to prevent insertion of foreign objects

Other options

Front ram bumper- hidden radiator protection

(2)red/blue combo strobe lights in grill

(2)red/blue combe strobe lights behind OEM glass in rear hatch

200 W Siren/Public Address System

Wig wags -front head lights

Wig wags – rear tail lights

(2) red/blue combo strobe lights located above running board on both sides of vehicle

Third row seat turned around backwards – back bulkhead window to fold down – button to open OEM window from the inside

USB charging ports at all seat locations

12″ x 24″ sliding window behind quarter glass to serve as a gunport to shoot through the OEM glass

Heavy duty handrail in place of OEM to be used as handrail for people on the running boards

Heavy duty running boards to support the weight of 3 officers – running boards will not extend past the mirrors

LED light on the inside of OEM rear hatch to shine down when door is in the open position

Radio prep package