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Armored BMW X5

The BMW X Series of armored SUVs offer superb protection, style, and comfort – ideal for diplomats, politicians, executives, celebrities, and families around the world. The team at The Armored Group, LLC, will work closely with you, listening to your specifications and helping you build a BMW ideal for your purposes. We start with a BMW X model chassis based on your requirements and budget. We will provide an armored solution that will meet or exceed your operational requirements.

Armored BMW X5 Features

Each BMW X model comes with its own unique advantages. The right model for you depends on your specific needs and performance expectations. Here is a brief overview of the specs for each BMW X model:

  • BMW X3. This compact luxury crossover vehicle’s interior is the perfect blend of quality and functionality. You will enjoy exquisite comfort and maximum space, as well as innovative interior storage concepts.
  • BMW X4. The powerful BMW X4 has a twin-turbo gasoline or diesel engine, as well as variable sport steering, exceptional performance control, and an 8-speed sport transmission system. This chassis has top-class agility, paired with quality handling and road-holding capabilities.
  • BMW X5. This mid-size luxury SUV has a torque-split capable all-wheel drive system and an automatic transmission. BMW calls this vehicle an “SAV,” or Sports Activity Vehicle instead of an SUV, to emphasize its supreme handling capabilities despite its size.
  • BMW X6. The X6 is a midsize coupe luxury crossover vehicle, with high ground clearance, all-wheel drive, and a dynamic performance control system. This system regulates traction and spreads out drive forces evenly across the rear axle. Evenly distributed torque improves agility and stability.

Specialty and Customization

If you are in need of an armored SUV for your business, mission, or daily operations, The Armored Group, LLC, can design a BMW X3, X4, X5, or X6 according to your exact specifications. We will ship it anywhere in the world. We have the ability to armor fiber optic cables, something many other armored car manufacturers cannot do. Our engineering team creates armored BMWs that are second to none.

Why Choose BMW X?

The team of experienced armored vehicle engineers at The Armored Group, LLC, can design any BMW X series vehicle according to your specifications. We will equip the chassis of your choice with our most protective armor, adding as many features as you request. To speak with our designers about building a custom BMW X vehicle, contact us today.

B6/NIJ III Rifle Round Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

  • Vertical Panel Protection
  • Certified Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Roof Protection
  • Blast Protected Floor
  • Battery & CPU Protection
  • Reinforced or TAG made Door Hinges
  • Run Flat Tire Systems
  • Door Overlap Protection
  • Professional Interior Finishing
  • Upgraded Suspension Systems
  • Reinforced Braking
  • Partial Operational Driver Window

B4/NIJ IIIA Handgun Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

  • Vertical Panel Protection Except Firewall
  • Roof Protection
  • Battery & CPU Protection
  • Certified Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Door Overlap Protection
  • Professional Interior Finishing
  • Light Weight Armor Packages
  • Executive Interior Packages
  • Law Enforcement Packages
  • Performance Packages
  • Color Back Up Camera
  • Front Mounted Camera
  • DVR System with Cameras and Color Monitor
  • Siren with PA System
  • Emergency Lights Front Grill
  • Emergency Lights Rear of Vehicle
  • Wig Wags Front and Back
  • LED Light Bar
  • Scene Lights
  • Self Sealing Fuel Tank
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • High Intensity Driving Lights
  • Intersection Lights
  • Spot Lights Remote Control
  • Power Inverter
  • Hidden Reinforced Front Bumper
  • Hidden Reinforced Rear Bumper
  • Ram/Push Bumper Hidden
  • Radiator Protection
  • Radiator Protection Exterior
  • Shore Power (includes marine grade cord)
  • Kussmaul Battery Charger with Auto Eject
  • Winch
  • Winch Upgrade Package
  • Heated Windshield Upgrade
  • Operational Door Windows
  • Run Flats
  • Off Road Tire Upgrade
  • Spare Tire/Rim/Run Flat
  • Ballistic Skip Round Shields
  • Heavty Duty Running Boards
  • Intercom System
  • Radio Prep Package
  • Work Desk/Command Station
  • Parabolic Mic System
  • Emergency/Escape Hatch
  • Rotating Roof Hatch
  • Flank armor behind front fenders
  • Shocking Door Handles
  • Nail/Tack Thrower
  • Smoke Screen
  • Gun Ports – Per Gun Port
  • Battering Ram Package
  • Gas Needle Ram Pkg
  • Ram Camera System with Color Monitor
  • CBRNE Detection
  • SCBA Refill Tanks and Hook Ups
  • Thermal & Day/Night Camera with Color Monitor
  • Night Vision Camera
  • LRAD Systems
  • Recon Throwbots
  • Rescue Medic/Trauma Pac with Backboard
  • Fire Retardant Paint
  • Rear Tow Hitch with Brake Control
  • Spec Rest Sniper System
  • Weapon Mounts
  • Weapon Racks
  • Rear Seats facing rearward in Rear Officers Area
  • Blast Seats
  • EOD Package
  • Medic Package
  • LE Package
  • NBC Air Filtration System for
  • Riot Protection Package for Glass & Emergency Lights
  • Cooling Fans Cabin Mounted
  • Tow Straps
  • Mast
  • Delia Raptor Tool
  • Delia Rescue Hawk
  • Delia Life Spike
  • Skid Plates
  • Decal Installation
  • CTIS System
  • Tire Change Package: Jack, Tire Tool, Tire Chocks)
  • Spare Air Self Rescue Tanks
  • Rescue Torch System
  • Roof Rack
  • Safe in vehicle
  • Refrigerated cooler box
  • Immobilizer System
  • Dead Bolts on Doors
  • Locking Gas Cap
  • Entertainment Systems
  • 24 Volt Conversion System
  • Snorkel
  • Dual Battery