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2017 Toyota Camry XLE

Armored 2017 Toyota Camry XLE

Black Exterior/Black Interior.

TAG B6 Armor, V6 Petrol Engine, 43,500 miles/70,000 KMs.


to provide protection against high powered rifles such as AK-47
[7.62x39mm], M-16 [5.56x45mm/.223], and the FN FAL [7.62x51mm/.308].

Transparent Armor (Glass):
• Windshield and Door glass replaced with transparent armor (glass) OEM curved shape
• All glass to have overlap system around each window with returns. This ensures complete protection from spacing between armor plate and  transparent armor

• All doors to have overlap system with returns to ensures complete protection from spacing between armor plate and transparent armor
• Rear cargo area fully armored in all vertical panels
• Door pillars (A, B, and C) reinforced throughout with ballistic plate
• Door hinges reinforced from interior of door and frame of vehicle to reduce stress of weight added
• Heavy-duty door straps added on all doors to allow no over extension.

Firewall, Roof and Floor:
• Firewall armored throughout with ballistic steel.
• Entire roof area interior armored throughout using B6 ballistic steel
• Floor armored using steel for blast protection.
• Fuel tank protection from under vehicle with ballistic steel

Engine Compartment:
• Battery and PCU (computer) armored with ballistic steel plate

Tires and Wheels:
• Run-Flats installed

Suspension and Brakes:
• Suspension professionally upgraded to compensate for additional weight as necessary.

Additional Equipment:
• PA/Siren and front strobe lights.

B6/NIJ III Rifle Round Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV

B4/NIJ IIIA Handgun Protection Level Base Armor Specifications Truck/Sedans/SUV