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2016 Ford Transit 350 Protector Van

2016 Transit 350 Protector Van



Vertical Panels

*             NIJ III Protection

*             7.62x51mm M80 NATO Ball; 7.62x39mm and lesser threats

*             Armored with advanced composite material to reduce weight and improve vehicle performance


*             Armored to NIJ III Levels

*             Battery and CPU

*             Armored to NIJ III Levels using certified ballistic steel


*             Blast Mitigating Floor to withstand (2) DM51 Grenades Simultaneously


*             Armored to NIJ III Levels using advanced composite materials

Front Fenders

*             NIJ III Armor behind front fenders and headlights with certified ballistic steel

Fuel Tank Protection

*             Protected against skip rounds and provides blast mitigation


*             Mesh tailpipe covering

Rear Deployment Doors

*             Armored to NIJ III Levels with certified advanced composite material

Passenger’s Side Sliding Door

*             Armored to NIJ III Levels with certified advanced composite materials to reduce overall weight and steel

*             Side step under passenger side sliding door, Retractable

Glass (39/40mm Thick)

*             Front Windshield NIJ III Rated Flat Glass Module behind OEM window

*             Cabin Door Glass replaced with NIJ III Level Flat Glass Modules

*             Rear Door OEM Glass added with Armored Flat Glass Modules behind

*             OEM windows tinted

*             Low Spall Liner for protection against shattering glass

*             Glass provided by certified manufacturer to ensure highest quality clarity and longevity

*             All Door and glass openings are overlapped


*             Heavy Duty door hinges designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance

*             Reinforced door pillars and posts with heavy duty door travel retainers


*             Splash Ring Overlaps on all doors


*             Front and Rear Suspension upgraded to compensate for additional weight of armor


*             Front Seats OEM

*             Rear Padded Bench Seats

*             Enclosed Under seat storage

*             Top of seat comes up with pneumatic assist rods

Grab Rails

*             Installation of internal grab handles on ceiling (2 Rows)

Internal Lighting

*             (4) Red and white lights for both day and night deployment

*             (3) Installed in rear compartment, evenly spaced; (1) mounted in cabin

*             Dome Light master switch in cabin; Switches by side jump and rear doors

Run Flat Inserts

*             Hutchinson Run Flat Tire inserts installed in all tires including spare



*             Non Slip Flooring

Emergency Lighting/System

*             Hideaway police lights (Red/Blue) in corner lamps (Front/Back)

*             Red/Blue Grill Lights

*             100W Siren and PA System