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1999 Ford E250

1999 Ford E250 CIT w/B3 Armor (Ballistic Steel & Glass to stop .357 Mag and 9mm hand gun ammo), 4×2, 5.4L V8 petrol engine, sold ‘As-Is’, 270,000 miles on chassis with 60,000 miles on rebuilt engine.

  • (1) Auxiliary AC
  • (1) messenger seat, safe in liability compartment
  • PA/Siren
  • (1) Front RAM bumper
  • (2) piece ballistic flat glass front windshield
  • ballistic flat glass driver’s cabin door glass
  • (1) messenger compartment view glass on driver’s side
  • (1) gun port in (1) modular side messenger door
  • armored bulkhead between driver and messenger compartment
  • red messenger warning lamps
  • electric door solenoids
  • high security locks
  • rear passenger side drop chute
  • (1) rear roof mounted convex backup mirror and (2) roof vents in driver and liability compartment.

Regular wear and tear for vehicle of this age/mileage, well maintained. Items known in need of service: front end alignment, axle sets, brakes, tires, steering system check, wiper blades, oil/filter
service, recharge AC, and transmission oil service.