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Right-Hand Vehicles for Sale

Right-Hand-Drive Conversion Services Available with Armoring Packages

More than 80 major regions worldwide drive on the left, and as a resident or a tourist, you depend on right-hand drive vehicles to help get you to and from your destination. The Armored Group is here to covert virtually all types of chassis for safe travel, whether it is for a left-hand drive (LHD) or right-hand drive (RHD). We also offer customized armored protection for added security during your travels.

You can choose from a variety of armoring packages to ensure your safety as you drive through both stable and hostile territories. Whether you’re a business executive traveling to an important meeting, or military personnel traveling through dangerous terrain, your safety is the top priority. Our capabilities in vehicle customization, as well as our great selection of sedans, trucks, SUVs, and vans, set us apart from the competition. Some of our most-requested models include:

Ford OEM Right-Hand Drive Conversion Services

We are the only manufacturer doing conversions on the Ford chassis in the entire world. Our technicians respect the factory finishes of all the standard and luxury models from the brand. We use all Ford OEM parts to stay true to the brand’s durability and dependability. The vehicle will look like it came straight from their factory! Best of all, by using OEM parts instead of custom ones, it’s easier for you to maintain the vehicle and have access to replacement parts when needed.

Our vehicles set an industry standard for quality and safety and have done so since we started in 1992. The Armored Group is not just a standard armored car company. We are the most respected name in the industry. Our cutting-edge customization with state-of-the-art technology, engineering, and ballistics protection is unbeatable. This is how we can exceed your expectations.

The Armored Group looks forward to providing you with a safe mode of transportation for your travel needs. Our experts can provide help in applying for vehicle grants. We also quote custom-chassis building for your needs upon request. If you’re ready to select your vehicle, pick one from the options below or contact us today!