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Do you carry new and used armored trucks?

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The Armored Group carries not only new and pre-owned armored trucks but offers a full inventory of armored vehicles and SUVs for sale or lease, too. Our fleet of trucks includes Ford E350 vans and Ford F550 trucks, and we also offer a host of police tactical vehicles, including SWAT trucks and vans, and bullet proof Jeeps, BATT patrol vehicles and more. There is a level of assurance that comes with the reinforced cars we provide. Look to our affordable line of new and used tactical trucks to round out your fleet with dependable vehicles that offer exceptional security and maximum protection at all times.

Our large selection of bulletproof vehicles includes: 

  • Ford E350
  • Ford F550
  • SWAT trucks
  • SWAT vans
  • BATT patrol vehicles
  • Bulletproof jeeps
  • Armored SUVs

Our security-enhanced vehicles address the needs and budgets of clients all over the globe. Nobody customizes armored cars like our company does! Find the new and used vehicles you need to run your business safely and reliably. 

Every tactical vehicle that has been customized by our fabrication and automotive technology technicians leaves our manufacturing facility capable of offering the highest levels of protection and security. We are proud to have built a first-rate reputation as one of the leading providers of armored trucks and other types of tactical vehicles throughout the entire world. From cash-in-transit vehicles to police tactical and military missions, we can provide the security vehicles you need to get the job done. 


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