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What are your armored trucks for sale primarily used for?

armored-trucks-for-sale armored-trucks-for-sale - The Amored Group, LLC.
Our armored trucks for sale make for perfect cash in transit armored vehicles and include the Ford E350 van and the Ford F550 truck. You'll also find armored SUVS and armored cars for sale including the Lexus LS600, Mercedes S550, Mercedes S600, and more. Regardless of the armored vehicle you choose, you can be certain that it maintains the highest standards of engineering, durability, and protection.

Make The Armored Group your source for state of the art cash in transit armored trucks for sale. We offer a full range of vehicles including:

  • Ford E350
  • Ford F550
  • Lexus LS600
  • Mercedes S550
  • Mercedes S600
  • Armored SUVs

Let us introduce you to the safest armored cars for sale in the industry.

One look at our armored trucks for sale and you're certain to find one to fit both your needs and your budget. Our fleet includes the Ford E350, Ford F550, armored SUVs, and more. We also carry a number of armored cars for sale in a fleet that sets the industry standard for what armored vehicles should be.

We have a number of custom armored SUVs and armored trucks for sale. There's a reason The Armored Group is the first name in armored vehicles. When we release armored cars for sale we make certain they're state of the art.

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