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What are your armored trucks for sale or lease primarily used for?

armored-trucks-for-sale armored-trucks-for-sale - The Amored Group, LLC.
We offer a number of armored trucks for sale or lease that make for perfect cash-in-transit armored vehicles. But armored trucks are not all you will find at The Armored Group. We also provide armored SUV and sedan options, such as the Lexus LS600, the Mercedes S550, and the Mercedes S600. Regardless of the armored vehicle you choose, you can be certain that it maintains the highest standards of engineering, durability and, most importantly, protection. Learn more about the new and pre-owned armored cars and trucks for sale we offer, and secure the vehicle protection you need.

Make The Armored Group your reliable resource for state-of-the-art cash-in-transit armored trucks! We offer a wide range of tactical vehicles, including the following:

  • Ford E350 vans
  • Ford F550 trucks
  • Lexus LS600
  • Mercedes S550
  • Mercedes S600
  • Armored SUVs

The vehicles you will find in our inventory are quite simply the safest armored automobiles within the industry. The technology and engineering that goes into our custom designs is unrivaled. The Armored Group is proud to have set a standard for excellence for over two decades, and we continue to push the envelope in terms of what armored vehicles can be.

There is a reason why are we continuously known for being the first name in armored vehicles since 1992. We serve a worldwide clientele and provide the very best in armored protection for clients located in some of the most volatile places on the planet. If you are in the market for cash-in-transit vehicles, make The Armored Group your first point of contact by calling us at (855) 824-7233.

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